Montessori Preschool in Tempe      Arizona 

蒙 氏 双 语 国 际 学 校

​What Parent's are Saying...

"It was amazing to watch my 

son thrive in the Montessori 

environment.  He remained 

so focused and did not get

frustrated when trying to 

figure out his works.  

Although he has only been

there a few weeks, he was 

already naturally using 

newly absorbed Chinese vocabulary while working. 

He continues to amaze me every day, and I could just see his little brain working to its potential!"


   It was amazing that after a couple of short weeks that Li Lao Shi would speak mostly in Chinese and the children could understand some of what she was saying. Sometimes the directions came with a hand gesture and others did not but yet the children still comprehended what was expected of them. 

I wish I could be a fly on the wall each day in class. It was so much fun to sit and watch.


   礼               智                和

  Virtue              Wisdom           Harmony